The Jarvis Brown House (1820) is the Home of Satan's Breath Products and the goodies pumped in it's kitchen by Chef Elmo.  The door is open for guests; you are welcomed.  Shop at your ease.  Drop by when you're able.  Have a cup of coffee when you please.  We're happy to share with you all that we've got; gifts galore and Chef Elmo's goodies stewin in the pot. You don't have to thank us or laugh at our jokes, just take your time and come often, you're one of the folks!

Sit in the middle of the shop, rest, sit a spell. Coffee is always available, for we would like you to taste what we sell.  Enjoy the hospitality of Martha and her historical knowledge of the area.

There are no strangers here.  Home comfort in shopping and excitement plus things to see and enjoy.  We work hard to insure that you feel at home and have delights to buy.

Meet Al.  He and Martha coordinate the information that is passed on to you here on our website.

There are chilies and chiliheads of all types.  Pepperphernalia of all kinds plus the heat of chilies and spices.  We have coffee, x-hot salsa and hot sauces coming out of our ears. Great tastes. Great for the soul.  Lots of sunshine and summer breezes.

Even though this is a shop, there are always a lot of good friends and customers around this table at night sharing the gourmet cooking of Chef Elmo.


Chef Elmo designed the kitchen himself; each tool in its place - ready at the reach.  All the recipes are proofed right here before going into his cookbooks or on the website.  Most of his cooking is based around his 185 custom blends; high in flavor, no MSG, no fillers, and only a few with minimum salt.  Just mouth-smacking pure spices in "His Only" special blend combinations.  You are more than welcome to taste before you buy.

There are also Cajun roasted peanuts and bean mixes called Elmo's Fire-ry Fartable Fibers.



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