About Elmo,
Creator of Satan's Breath®
Chef of Cousin Martha's B & B



This is Elmo’s Carolina Cajun Kitchen fo-sho!
Smelling ain’t all in the nose, for tasting is good for the true flavor and delight.

But, eating is better and that is what’s done in this kitchen.

Chef Elmo is a self taught cook with years of experience under his belt. Although he prefers a meal with a Cajun/Creole flair, his realm of expertise covers everything from gourmet meals low in fat to good old southern favorites like fried chicken and collard greens. To witness him cooking on his Vulcan range, sautéing vegetables here and adding fresh herbs and spices there, is like watching an artist masterfully creating on a fresh canvas. His pleasure comes from the curious observer peeking over his shoulder or a guest asking for seconds.

AWARD WINNING HEAT IS WHAT IT IS, and it's about time you dropped by for a visit! Since the taping of the PBS television series "Country Inn Cooking with Gail Greco", Chef Elmo has been in the kitchen creating like mad! Not only has his Cajun Blend been getting rave reviews by the general public, it was an Award Winner in the "Fiery Food Challenge" held by "Chili Pepper Magazine" in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Just lately, our spices placed 3rd at the First Annual Houston Hot Sauce Festival.  Also read the Celebrating Mardi Gras article in Endless Vacations Magazine highlighting Cajun cooking and our own Cajun Blend AWARD WINNING HEAT.  Check out the latest article on Elmo and his spices, titled "Fan Of The Flame", in North Carolina's "Our State" Magazine

His Satan's Breath® Cajun Blend was recognized as an "Award Winner" in the "Fiery Food Challenge" and "Fiery Food Cook-Off" sponsored by Chili Pepper Magazine. And this is only one of many spice blends now produced by Chef Elmo that include:      

Cajun Blend  Creole Seasoning
Crab & Shrimp Boil Breader & Hushpuppy Mix
Vindaloo Jalapeño Garlic
Cayenne Garlic X-Hot Chili Powder
Cobra Garlic Mommicked - a salt substitute
X-Hot Italian X-Hot Curry
Southwest Blend Steak Rub
Blackening Rub Chipotle Rub
Rustic Rub Vegetable Stir-Fry
Fire & Brimstone Fajita Seasoning
Low Glow Chipotle Sauce XX-Hot Wing & Rib Rub
Quatre E'pices Fried Chicken Stuff
Fabulous Finish Basic Garam Masala
Chorizo Seasoning Fabulous Finish
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